Important Update_Participation at Non-Compliant Anti-Doping Event - 30th November 2022
Any athlete, coach, referee or official that participates in any International and/or invitational Powerlifting competition or Event which is organized by a Sporting Body, Federation or Organisation that has not received recognition from the World Anti-Doping Agency and is thus non-compliant with the Code and International Standards, shall be...
2022 APU Ltd Annual General Meeting - 16th October 2022
2022 AGM Notice and Agenda.
Collaborative Communication in APU - 19th September 2022
Dear Members, Entering an event or championship is daunting for an athlete. What is the purpose? What are the rules? Who is on my team?
UPDATE_The Selection of 2022 Commonwealth Classic/Equipped Powerlifting & Bench Press Championships and Asian Classic Powerlifting Championship - 3rd August 2022
The APU Board has approved additional selection criteria for Team AUS....
Important Update_APU Calendar 2023-2024 and Amendment to Exemption Rule - 14th July 2022
Our sport is finally getting back to normal, so we will now start to look ahead to how we can plan event with a standardised plan. What this means is developing a national competition calendar for APU so lifters can compete along the competition progression. To do this, we need to break up the events into age groups and event seasons.
We are committed to providing a safe, supportive and friendly for children and young people. Child safety must be embedded in every our culture and understood and practiced at all levels of our sport.
Important update for APU Lifters regarding Competition Progression and Team Selection Process - 22nd May 2022
Effective immediately, APU will select its national teams based off the totals of all APU national results aligning with the regional or international event. The selection will be made from....
APU Response to a Social Media Post regarding Photography and or Videography - 10th May 2022
APU would like to apologise for the confusion that it has caused regarding the requirement of permission of photography and filming.
Important message -- APU Social Media - 16th April 2022
! Did you know, that an Organisation is responsible for the comments and replies made on each of the organisation's Social Media posts?!
Important update for APU Masters Lifters regarding 2022 APU Master Nationals - 21st February 2022
Dear APU Master Lifters, With the WA borders now confirmed to be opening in time for the Australian Masters Games, our APU competition within these games is confirmed to be going ahead.

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