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30th May 2023


Dear APU Members,


For transparency, we wish to advise you of a claim made against the APU recently via the National Sport Tribunal. The claim was made after the applicant's coaching was restricted to level 2 for breaches of the APU member protection policy.


In accordance with section 27 of the National Sports Tribunal Act 2019 (NST Act), the National Sports Tribunal made the determination in relation to the dispute as follows:



1. The disciplinary action against the Applicant by APU was a valid exercise of power under the APU constitution for breaches of the APU Member Protection Policy.

2. The sanctions imposed on the Applicant are not manifestly excessive.



3. The application to overturn the sanctions of the APU imposed on the Applicant, by letter dated 15 March 2023, is dismissed.

4. Written reasons for the rulings and order will be published as soon as practicable.


National Sport Tribunal - NST)



APU will continue to provide details when they come to hand regarding the reasons for the decision. Those details, like above, will be provided to us by the NST.


This is a reminder to all that all APU members are bound by the APU's codes, policies, regulations, by laws, and its constitution.


I would like to thank those who continue to work hard to make our events a safe and enjoyable experience for all.



Yours in Strength


On behalf of the APU Board

Sean Muir

APU President


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