Collaborative Communication in APU

19th September 2022


Dear Members,


Entering an event or championship is daunting for an athlete. What is the purpose? What are the rules? Who is on my team? 

According to (sport governance principles march 2020) “Governance is the system by which organisations are directed and controlled. It is the way in which expectations are made clear and the culture of the organisation is modelled.”

Communication and understanding is indeed a necessary ingredient of governance. 

There are many policy considerations that athletes, coaches, officials, and fans may need to consider, which means understanding more. To make things more “confusing”, in these days there are now multiple communication platforms that appear to be the central to the organisation.


APU emails: From time to time, the APU will send direct or group emails to athletes. These emails will provide information which pertains to the operations of APU. The only time we provide these emails is when there is a sudden change of condition which was unexpected.


Social Media: The APU official social media pages are for the purpose of either “sharing” important information, upcoming events or results. We have APU social media committee who run the page (i.e. under The Board guidelines and restrictions). Due to this indirect control from the Board, there cannot be any “official announcement” on any social media pages, however they may share “official announcements” that have been posted on the APU official website.



Do you want to stay up to date with information or are you looking for information about APU?


Step 1:  Go to the APU website.

APU Website: The APU official website is the one central place which can be managed by the organisation should be where all rules, bylaws, results, events, and other information can always be found.


If you do not find the information you need, go to Step 2:


Step 2: Contact a committee person via their email;

Committees: APU committees can be seen as a direct contact in that field who can provide current policies, or can source the right person to give you the right information.


The committee members are not in any way able to make decisions, however they can give you policies and procedures that are in place and found on the APU website.


Technical Committee:

The technical committee person can answer questions regarding the technical rules of the sport. This includes equipment (eg: type of combo racks required, platform size etc), apparel requirements (eg: singlet types, knee sleeve types), taping (eg: medical bandages allowed in competition), weigh in times etc. If you do not have a committee, or do not get a response within 48 hours, please email the Chair and your state branch manager).

Technical Committee (Chair: David Vaughan)       technical.chair(at)

ACT:       Romano G                                                      act.technical(at)

NSW:     Pat Whymark                                                  nsw.technical(at)

QLD:      Maslyn Moyo                                                  qld.technical(at)

WA:       Aaron Dahler                                                   wa.technical(at)

VIC:        vacant                                                               n/a

SA:         vacant                                                               n/a

TAS:       vacant                                                               n/a

NT:         vacant                                                               n/a


Results and Records Committee:

The Results and Records Committee person can provide you with results information, along with information on records and record requirements. If you do not have a committee, or do not get a response within 48 hours, please email the Chair and your State Branch Manager.              

Result and Record Committee (Chair: Scott Peisley –  

ACT:       Linda Dahler                                                   refer to WA state branch mgr

NSW:     Louise Sutton                                                  nsw.results(at)

QLD:      Hannah Altman                                               qld.results(at)

WA:       Olivia Lannon                                                  wa.results(at)

VIC:        Brittany Romas                                               vic.results(at)

SA:         Linda Dahler                                                   refer to WA state branch mgr

TAS:       Adwoah Hammond                                        tas.results(at)

NT:         vacant                                                            vacant

Ranking : Adwoah Hammond                                      apu.ranking(at)


Coaching Committee:

The Coaching Committee person can provide you with coaching information. This person provides more service to APU coaches. If you do not have a coaching committee, or do not get a response within 48 hours, please email the Chair and your State Branch Manager.

Coaching Committee (Chair: Sean Muir and Scott Piesley)                             

ACT:       Elizabeth Craven                                  

NSW:     vacant                                                               n/a

QLD:      Grant Mealey and Merinda O'Brien      

WA:       Jacob Sofianos and Kellie Socratous   

VIC:        Mark Derrick                                        

SA:         vacant                                                               vacant

TAS:       vacant                                                               vacant

NT:         vacant                                                               vacant


Event information/Technical Meeting

Championship information will be published on the APU website up until the event holds its technical meeting. The technical meeting is generally held the night prior to the lift proper.

For National Championships, and nominated State Championships, a technical meeting will be arranged. For events with technical meetings, it is the responsibility of the athletes, and in some instances the team coaches, to ensure they are at technical meeting to receive any changes to:

  • Location changes
  • Platform changes
  • Lifting days/times
  • Nominated referees
  • Withdrawals
  • Required completion of duties from athletes/teams (eg: payments/duties due before eligibility)
  • Coaching eligibilities/non eligible
  • Competition briefing
  • Other information and questions

Athletes may nominate another member to attend on their behalf.

Events that do not have a technical meeting must provide up to date changes to individual athletes prior to the event via the email address provided to the APU. Please check member jungle for your information on our database.


Member Protection Officers:

NOTE: The Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd. Member Protection Policy should be used for any issues relating to harassment, discrimination, child protection, and other inappropriate behaviour.

Member Protection Information Officers play an important role in sport. They provide information and guidance on complaints procedures - they are the 'go to' person if you want to discuss problems at your club/association, particularly if you are considering making a formal complaint.

(President: Sean Muir)                   

ACT:       Sarah Moore                                                    in training

NSW:     Demi Poon                                              

NSW:     Marion Baird                                                     in training

QLD:      Rick Lewis                                                        in training

WA:       vacant                                                               n/a

VIC:        vacant                                                               n/a

SA:         vacant                                                               n/a

TAS:       vacant                                                               n/a

NT:         vacant                                                               n/a

More committee will be developed to support the APU member’s needs. Until then, all other information, the State Branch manager may be the person to contact. If you do not have a committee, or do not get a response within 48 hours, please email the Chair)

If you cannot find a committee, go to step 3:

Step 3: Contact your state branch manager

The APU State Branch Managers may help you to find the right person to give you answers, and should be included in state level correspondence.

If you do not have a committee representative, please contact the Chair.

State Manager (Chair: Sean Muir –          

ACT:       vacant                                                act.branch(at) non active email

NSW:     vacant                                                nsw.branch(at) - non active email

QLD:      Rick Lewis                                         qld.branch(at)

WA:       Linda Dahler                                     wa.branch(at)

VIC:        Lee-Ann Derrick                               vic.branch(at)

SA:         Kavwa Sichone                                sa.branch(at)

TAS:       vacant                                                n/a

NT:         vacant                                                n/a



Yours in Strength

Sean Muir & the Board

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