APU Response to a Social Media Post regarding Photography and or Videography

10th May 2022


Re: Photography and Videography



Dear members of APU and Supporters,



APU would like to apologise for the confusion that it has caused regarding the requirement of permission of photography and filming.


First of all, we would like to acknowledge that photography and filming of a family member or close friend has been and always will be encouraged. Nothing could be more misleading than what has circled as per below. 


Prior to the Victorian State Championships in Melbourne, the APU come to an agreement to exclusive photography and videography rights for the event. 


In the event in Melbourne, a person (not the photographer given exclusive agreement) was tagging multiple videos of athletes that were being captured in the event. The APU President made contact with him and he claimed to be filming his friends he trains with and a few people who asked. 


The APU President felt that there were many people being tagged, and was concerned of the authenticity of the person. 


After further discussion, he then asked the question, "What do you want?" and the President advised him, "Permission from the APU and (Venue)".


However, we understand that he had NOT received permission prior to the event from all the female athletes that he filmed, and not all of them knew he was filming them until afterwards.  He also did not get permission from APU or the club in which the event was held. 


So, the opportunity was there for a solution, however the direction that the person took was to social media. 


Once again, filming or photo shots of family members and friends is always encouraged. 




Yours in Strength – APU Board

Sean Muir

Scott Peisley

Max Bristow

Colin Webb

Lin Donevska

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