Important message -- APU Social Media

16th April 2022


Dear APU members,
 Did you know, that an Organisation is responsible for the comments and replies made on each of the organisation's Social Media posts?!
Recently a court decision on a defamation claim was determined that third party "comments" made on social media may be considered as defamatory. In a landmark decision, Mr. Voller- a former inmate of the Don Dale Youth Detection Centre, sued 3 media companies who published the stories about him on their social media page
The interesting part of this case is Mr Voller did not sue the media companies for the story/article, he did not sue the commentators on that story/article. He "sued" the media companies for publishing the comments or making the comments available on their page.
This case sends an important message to all organisations that hold any social media presence.
For APU, this message is clear and we are taking immediate action to change the way we manage social media.
APU's official information platform is its website and the official communication platform is email, or mail.
APU Social Media posts with information or a communication requirement will provide;
1. APU webpage relevant to that information, or
2. an email address to contact.
The commentary column will be turned off from APU Social Media pages. 
However, don't hesitate to Direct Message (DM) APU Social Media Operator if you have any feedback of APU post.
These images will give you more information.
Yours in Strength
The APU Board 

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