Important update for APU Masters Lifters regarding 2022 APU Master Nationals

21st February 2022

Dear APU Master Lifters,
With the WA borders now confirmed to be opening in time for the Australian Masters Games (AMG), our APU competition within these games is confirmed to be going ahead.
However, the 2022 APU Masters National Championships will no longer be held at this event. 
It's our belief that the delays in news regarding the borders and the competition have meant that we didn't have enough time to give our lifters enough notice to prepare for a competition as important as what the National Championships are.
The 2022 APU Masters National will now be moved to join the 2022 APU Open Nationals later in the year.
The 2022 Masters Worlds qualifications will be primarily selected from the 2021 Collate Nationals. Exemptions will be considered for lifters who signed up to 2022 AMG Nationals with the intention to qualify there for worlds. First place at 2021 Collate Nationals will take priority.
For all those competing at the AMG competition we wish you all the best in what is an exciting partnership for APU and the AMG and a great chance for our Masters talents to be showcased on a bigger scale.
Yours in Strength
APU Board

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