Message from The APU Board

18th January 2021

Dear all APU members,


As per “Management of By-Laws” clause in APU By-law;

APU will review at any time and in any case will review annually, each December, the policy and provisions contained in APU by-law, as to their efficacy and their continued propriety in the light of any changed circumstances APU considers relevant.


The APU has released updated version (i.e. 2021 Version 01) of the following:

• APU By-Laws

• Competition Progression and Team Selection Process


Details can be found at:



1. 2022 APU will be launching the intra-club championships at the State Championships. This championship is open for APU affiliated clubs/teams to participate as a team at the State Championships.

2. A lifters “Classic” results at club championships may be used to qualify at State Equipped Championships.

3. The APU board holds the responsibility to make the final decision of all business and decisions of APU. This means that all persons representing APU shall be instructed via the APU board via it’s agreed duties and tasks. This is important for the protection of the APU members, its volunteers and the APU board.

4. Deviation of the “IPF” rules applies on a case-by-case basis. This may include ensuring that we provide the opportunity for the sport to develop in areas that have not got access to, or availability to equipment that is required to run a full IPF specific equipped event.

The APU board encourages everybody to always refer to the APU By-laws and Regulations as valid source of information instead of Social Media conversation.


For any queries, please contact us at Contact (



The APU Board

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