The APU Member Jungle APP and Chat Room

As an APU member, you will be automatically listed in the APU Member Jungle APP.
The app will have important and useful information including competition details, your e-membership card, access to your details, APU news, APU Affiliates and their details, a Blog along with an APU member’s chat room which includes your name along with other members of APU.
APU Chat Room:
The chat room is a great way to interact, give and receive support, advice and congratulations from other APU members.
APU may also use the chat function to make fast contact with you for many purposes, such as conditions of APU policies, or competition changes.
The rules of the chat room are the same as the rules on the APU Social Media page, which are available in our Member Protection Policy.
Please also remember, any advice from the chat room is opinions only, and may not reflect the values or policies of the APU.
The APU policies are available on the APU webpage.
APU will not tolerate any offensive or abusive behaviour in our chat room or social media.
Please report any violations or offensive behaviour to the President, Sean Muir:
All APU board and committees will be using the app as a way to stay connected.
Important information:
Your access into the chat room will be automatic, unless you opt out when registering your membership for APU.
If you would like to opt out of the chat room now, please simply send email to APU LTD Admin,,  with subject “opt out” by mentioning your full name.
If you are ok with being in the chat room, no response will be needed.
If you would like to simply mute the notifications, please follow the instructions:
1.Open your Member Jungle App
2.Click on the 3 bars on the top left of screen
3.Scroll down, and open the chat room
4.Click on the chat conversation
5.Click on the 3 bars on the top right of screen
6.Click on mute notifications
7.A tick should appear
The chat room also can be accessed via website under Contact Us menu.
Yours in Strength
APU Board

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