Australian National Anti-doping Policy “Prohibited Association” Rule and How it Applies Across Sport




Powerlifting is one of very few sports which other national and international bodies compete with a similar framework of technical rules, but may not be subjected to Australian National anti-doping policies.


Regardless of other bodies stand on anti-doping, APU intends to provides its members the benefits of a great sport, with the rules to provide true results, and a healthy, honest environment, and integrity to keep illegal activity out of its culture, out of the gyms, and out of sport.


Athletes and coaches in all sports need to be very conscious and vigilant when it comes to the term “association”.  


Association may include receiving or obtaining:

  • Coaching or Training
  • Advice regarding strategy or technique (online or in person)
  • Medical Advice or Treatment
  • Nutrition Advice


“Prohibited Association” is one of the ten anti-doping rule violations. It is determined as:

  • Association by an Athlete or Other Person subject to the authority of an Anti-Doping Organisation in a professional or sport-related capacity with any Athlete Support Person who:
    • If subject to the authority of an Anti-Doping Organisation, is serving a period of Ineligibility; or
    • If not subject to the authority of an Anti-Doping Organisation, and where Ineligibility has not been addressed in a Results Management process pursuant to the Code, has been convicted or found in a criminal, disciplinary or professional proceeding to have engaged in conduct which would have constituted a violation of anti-doping rules if Code-compliant rules had been applicable to such Person.
      • The disqualifying status of such Person shall be in force for the longer of six (6) years from the criminal, professional or disciplinary decision or the duration of the criminal, disciplinary or professional sanction imposed; or
      • Is serving as a front or intermediary for an individual described in Article or of the APU National Anti-Doping Policy.


Athletes found be breaching Clause 2.10 of the APU Australian National Anti-Doping Policy (Prohibited Association by an Athlete or Other Person) face a suspension from Sport for up to four years. This suspension includes participation as an athlete or support persons (eg coaches, officials, educator, trainer, adviser, physio etc) from “all” sport at any level (local/state/national/international). You will not train with a team, or participate in team events. You can, however, be friends and socialise in a non-sport capacity, eg: socialise, and have drinks etc.


An athlete or support person (eg: coach, adviser) may be sanctioned from sport or convicted for similar offences in a different country, and the sanction may not be listed on the web. This does not permit the athlete/support person authority to participate in sport. If the sanctioned person does participate, they risk an extension of their sanction, and the person/s participating with them also risk a sanction of up to four years.


You are encouraged to report concerns directly to Sport Integrity Australia.


Report a concern directly at


More details about Sport Integrity Australia can be found at



Yours in Strength,


Sean Muir – APU President

(On behalf of the APU Board)


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