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Re: Clause 21 and 32 of APU Constitution


The culture of our organisation is created partly by the Values and Integrity of the members and the APU board and committees. Each one of you has chosen APU as your choice of Organisation, which means a lot to us, and we also chose to work with you because you are extremely valuable to us.  


We would like to inform you of the processes and the consideration we make when we take applications for memberships and membership renewals. These processes are called the “Membership Values and Vision” check. They are required for ALL memberships, including athletes, coaches and officials, and even the APU committees.


The entire board of the APU screen all applicants to ensure they hold the same values that we as an organisation strive for. This process plays an important role in protecting our organisation from such things as: sanctions against Sport Integrity Australia; losing ties with key Stakeholders such as IPF and SO; reputational damage against our organisation which would affect our opportunities for growth, and future sponsors; and we do this to prevent negatively impacting you as a member.


The Membership Values and Vision check process is in accordance with Clause 21 of the APU Company Constitution:

21 The following are eligible to be Members:

21.1 any person who has a demonstrated interest in the Company;

21.2 any person that the Board considers would benefit the Company by becoming a member; and

21.3 any person in a category of persons that the Company has determined to be eligible to be Members.


Under Clause 21.2, the APU’s board has a responsibility to make persons who would benefit the Company (APU) eligible for member.


Our Vision plays an important role for sharing what would benefit APU and how decisions on who may and may not benefit the APU by becoming a member.


  • APU’s Vision is: “APU is recognized as the IPF approve affiliate whose purpose is to promote, drive and grow drug free powerlifting in Australia and internationally”. APU has established itself to holding a strong commitment to Anti-doping, inclusiveness, fairness, humility, honesty, integrity and contributing to a socially friendly sporting environment.

32 The Board will consider and, in its absolute discretion, accept or reject an Application. If the Board rejects an Application, then:

32.1 it must arrange for any money the Applicant tendered with the Application to be repaid to the Applicant, without interest; and

32.2 the Board does not have to give any reasons for the rejection.


Yours in Strength

APU Board

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