Terms and Conditions


I agree and declare as follows:


  • No official, coach or athlete shall be permitted to represent Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd at any International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) International or regional championships who are currently participating as a member, official, coach or athlete in any capacity and/or is in any business, professional or sport related agreement with a Powerlifting Organisation or an individual that is currently excluded, banned,suspended or in disrepute with the IPF.


  • I am aware of the rules and regulations of the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd and the International Powerlifting Federation, including all applicable Anti Doping Rules and Policies. I agree to comply to such rules, regulations and procedures, to submit to the jurisdiction of the bodies which are in charge of applying them, and to be bound by any enforceable penalties deriving from my breach of these rules and regulations whether in the course of Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd, or IPF official championships or out of competition.


  • I agree to submit to testing when requested to do so and to respect all possible consequences arising from the doping control process and that any dispute arising between myself and IPF which cannot be settled amicably and which remains once the remedies provided for in the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd or IPF regulations have been exhausted, shall be settled fully and finally by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in accordance with the Code of Sports related Arbitration, to the exclusion of any recourse to ordinary courts.


  • I agree and consent to Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd or IPF collecting, processing, disclosing and using information for the purposes of the implementation of the Australian Powerlifting Union Anti Doping Policy or the International Powerlifting Federation Anti Doping Rules in accordance with the International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information and pursuant to applicable data protection laws.


  • I declare I will be bound by the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd Anti Doping Policy and International Anti Doping policies and codes as set down by Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) and World Anti Doping agency (WADA).


  • I have read and understood and agree to abide by the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy, effective from 1 January 2021, and found on the Sport Integrity Australia website (https://www.sportintegrity.gov.au/what-we-do/anti-doping/world-anti-doping-code/australian-national-anti-doping-policy) being the anti-doping policy adopted by Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd and applicable to all member, participants and non-participants.


  • I agree that I will abide by the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd constitution and any bylaws,rules, and anti doping policies and the International Powerlifting Federation constitution, bylaws and anti doping policy. I also agree that I will comply with any changes or additions that may apply to any of the abovementioned constitutions, codes or rules.


  • The activities as a Powerlifter involve a risk of injury which is accepted by me. While insurance cover maybe arranged by the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd it is my responsibility to satisfy myself as to the adequacy of the insurance arrangements. If I am unable to satisfy myself that adequate insurance has been arranged then it is my obligation to arrange additional insurance cover to meet my requirements.


  • Acceptance of the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd. or its affiliates of the application for registration of an athlete is not evidence of, or acknowledgment that insurance cover has been arranged for the athlete.


  • That in consideration of the acceptance of registration of me, no member of the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd and its affiliates or any officer, agent, coach, team manager, or any other person having the care or control of me shall be liable for damages for any injury or loss suffered by me while I am engaged incompeting, training, or preparing for any powerlifting competition or tournament.


  • I agree to indemnify the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd and its affiliates and any and all of its officers,employees, agents, coaches or managers against all liability for damages arising out of or in connection with any injury suffered by me however caused while I am competing, training for, taking part in or traveling toor from any powerlifting competition or tournament.


  • I declare that I will only participate in powerlifting activities while I am medically and physically fit and able to do so without causing an increased risk to the health and wellbeing of myself and other participants.


  • I agree that by my actions, words or association I will not bring the sport of powerlifting, the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd, the International Powerlifting Federation, its affiliates, stakeholders & partners into disrepute.


  • I agree that the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd retains the right to publish and utilise data and images of my participation in powerlifting activities for the purposes of promoting the Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd and its programs and events.


  • As a coach or official I agree to register and complete the state government “working with children check”applicable in the state that I reside in Australia. If my residence is not in Australia, I shall notify the Board and not participate in any coaching or officiating until arrangements are made.

Last review June 2022