Executive and Non-Executive Committee


Executive Committee

CEO : Sean Muir sean.muir(at)powerlifting.org.au
COO : Scott Peisley scott.peisley(at)powerlifting.org.au
CFO : Lin Donevska lin.donevska(at)powerlifting.org.au
Diversity and Inclusion Director : Max Bristow max.bristow(at)powerlifting.org.au
Event Director : Colin Webb colin.webb(at)powerlifting.org.au
Secretary  : Romano Gaspardis romano.gaspardis(at)powerlifting.org.au



Non-Executive Committee

Competition Manager : Rachel Jones comp.manager(at)powerlifting-apu.com
Technical Chair : David Vaughan technical.chair(at)powerlifting-apu.com
Anti-Doping Manager : Sean Muir – Interim anti.doping(at)powerlifting-apu.com
Team Manager : Adelaide Chang and Bill Koppe team.manager(at)powerlifting-apu.com
Record Keeper : Vacant records(at)powerlifting-apu.com
Memberships Manager : Sectio (Tyo Muir) memberships(at)powerlifting-apu.com
Competition Coordinator : Mark Hambling  
Webmaster : Sectio (Tyo Muir) webmaster(at)powerlifting-apu.com
Creative Designer : Vacant  
Social Media : Kelly Wanray  Facebook: @powerlifting.apu
    Instagram: @australianpowerliftingunion
Member Protection Information Officer : Hidemi Shishido mpio(at)powerlifting-apu.com