Executive and Non-Executive Committee


Executive Committee    
CEO : Sean Muir sean.muir(at)powerlifting.org.au
COO : Scott Peisley scott.peisley(at)powerlifting.org.au
CFO   : Lin Donevska lin.donevska(at)powerlifting.org.au
Diversity and Inclusion Director : Max Bristow max.bristow(at)powerlifting.org.au
Non-Executive Committee (National)  




: Adelaide Chang



Competition Manager : Rachel Jones rachel.jones(at)powerlifting.org.au
Technical Chair : David Vaughan technical.chair(at)powerlifting.org.au
Anti-Doping Manager : Sean Muir  sean.muir(at)powerlifting.org.au
Team Manager : Adelaide Chang team.manager(at)powerlifting.org.au
Memberships Manager : Sectio (Tyo Muir) memberships(at)powerlifting.org.au
Webmaster  : Sectio (Tyo Muir) webmaster(at)powerlifting.org.au
Social Media : Kelly Wanray  Facebook: @powerlifting.apu
    Instagram: @australianpowerliftingunion
Member Protection Information Officer : Hidemi Shishido (Demi Poon) mpioapu@gmail.com
Child Safeguarding : Rick Morse apu.integrity(at)powerlifting.org.au
Non-Executive Committee (Sub Committee)  
State Manager (Chair : Sean Muir & Colin Webb)  

Sean Muir  Assited by Andrea Gledhill

act.branch(at)powerlifting.org.au- non active email
NSW :  Sean Muir & Scott Peisley (Interim) nsw.branch(at)powerlifting.org.au - non active email
QLD : Rick Lewis qld.branch(at)powerlifting.org.au
WA : Linda Dahler wa.branch(at)powerlifting.org.au
VIC : Lee-Ann Derrick vic.branch(at)powerlifting.org.au
SA : Kavwa Sichone  sa.branch(at)powerlifting.org.au
TAS Sean Muir  (Interim)  
Technical Committee (Chair : David Vaughan)  
ACT : Romano G act.technical(at)powerlifting.org.au
NSW : Pat Whymark nsw.technical(at)powerlifting.org.au
QLD : Maslyn Moyo qld.technical(at)powerlifting.org.au
WA : Aaron Dahler wa.technical(at)powerlifting.org.au
VIC : -  
SA : -  
Result and Record Committee (Chair : Scott Peisley)  
ACT Linda Dahler  
NSW : Louise Sutton nsw.results(at)powerlifting.org.au
QLD : Hannah Altman qld.results(at)powerlifting.org.au
WA : Olivia Lannon wa.results(at)powerlifting.org.au
VIC : Brittany Romas vic.results(at)powerlifting.org.au
SA : Linda Dahler  
TAS : Adwoah Hammond tas.results(at)powerlifting.org.au
Ranking : Adwoah Hammond apu.ranking(at)gmail.com
Coaching Committee (Chair : Sean Muir & Scott Peisley)    
ACT : TBA apuact.coach@gmail.com
NSW : Sean Muir & Evan McCloy (Adhoc for 2022 APU National Classic)  
QLD : Grant Mealey and Merinda O'Brien apuqld.coach@gmail.com
WA : Jacob Sofianos and Kellie Socratous apuwa.coach@gmail.com
VIC : Mark Derrick apuvic.coach@gmail.com
SA : -  
Media Committee (Chair : TBA)    
NSW : Courtney Miller  
QLD : Kelly Wanray  
WA : Jacob Sofianos  
VIC : Adwoah Hammond  
SA : Kavwa Sichone  




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