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Constitution and By-Laws
APU By-Laws: APU: Update version 1.2 January 2021 (785.6 Kb)
Insurance Certificate
Combined Liability: (148.7 Kb)
Personal Accident: (186.0 Kb)
APU Member Protection Policy - v003: (885.8 Kb)
APU Coach Responsibility: (344.2 Kb)
Australian Powerlifting Union Ltd. Anti-Doping Policy: This Anti-Doping Policy takes effect on 1 January 2021. (977.3 Kb)
Privacy Policy: (107.7 Kb)
APU Regulation_Competition Progression and Team Selection Process: (1,065.2 Kb)
APU Regulations_Venue and Meet Director Requirements: (220.4 Kb)
The Plan
APU COVID-19 Safety Plan: V003 (334.4 Kb)